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As a licensed personal injury attorney and personal injury lawyer, if you have been injured in an automobile, truck or fire accident, you should seek medical attention immediately after the accident. (In Kentucky, if you are driving an insured automobile or are the passenger in an insured automobile, generally, you will be entitled to Personal Injury Protection Insurance, which may have a deductible). A small delay in seeking medical attention can be the difference between an unsuccessful and a successful outcome. The more remote in time that you seek medical attention, the corresponding greater chance that an insurance company or a jury will find your injury did not occur as a result of the accident. Generally, seek medical attention as soon as possible after your injury; tell your medical provider about the accident and injury; ask the medical provider to document the details of the accident and the injury.

As soon as possible after the accident, consult an attorney! Do not “go it alone”. Refrain from giving statements to an insurance company until after you have consulted with an attorney. Remember, evidence from an accident can quickly disappear. Most attorneys, including Berryman Law Office, give free initial legal consultation and represent you on a contingency-fee basis.

For automobile, truck and fire accidents, call Berryman Law Offices, practicing throughout Eastern and Central Kentucky, including, but not limited to, the City of Winchester in Clark County; the City of Mt. Sterling in Montgomery County; the City of Stanton in Powell County; the City of Richmond in Madison County; the City of Paris in Bourbon County; the City of Lexington in Fayette County; the City of Irvine in Estill County; the City of Georgetown in Scott County; the City of Versailles in Woodford County; and the City of Frenchburg in Menifee County.