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Criminal Attorney & Lawyer

Mitchell Berryman has been practicing criminal defense law in Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky for over twenty years. In his criminal law practice, he has litigated charges from murder to DUI. He is currently a standing member of the Winchester/ Clark County Bar Association (former President), the Kentucky Bar Association, and the Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys. He is licensed to practice law in Kentucky and licensed to practice in Federal Court. As a former employee of the Administrative Office of the Court, working with the Kentucky Court of Appeals, he is knowledgeable and experienced with the criminal appellate process and also all the employment laws that anyone can use with the correct Law Firm to protect their rights.

Mitchell Berryman accepts misdemeanor and felony cases including:

Robbery and burglary

Theft, shoplifting, forgery, bad checks, fraud

DUI and revoked license

Speeding and traffic tickets

Drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and drug trafficking

Assault, sexual offenses, and murder

Juvenile law

Voiding and expunging criminal records

If there is even a possibility that you will be charged with a crime, speak to the criminal defense lawyer in ashtabula oh, he has all the knowledge and experience.

Anything you say to any criminal defense attorney is confidential, also there are resources online that could help getting pardons. Anything you say to a police officer or a third party can generally be used against you. Remember, you have the right to remain silent, exercise that right. Don’t try to talk your way out of criminal charges. Call an attorney before you discuss your case with anyone. Office consultations are free at Berryman Law Offices. Call (859)745-4762 or toll free at (866)273-6769 to make an appointment.

Mitchell Berryman has represented people throughout the state of Kentucky, with most of his cases being in Central and Eastern Kentucky, including, but not limited to, the City of Winchester in Clark County; the City of Mt. Sterling in Montgomery County; the City of Stanton in Powell County; the City of Richmond in Madison County; the City of Paris in Bourbon County; the City of Lexington in Fayette County; the City of Irvine in Estill County; the City of Georgetown in Scott County; the City of Versailles in Woodford County; and the City of Frenchburg in Menifee County.